Mission: To provide assistance to under-served children from low-to-moderate income families for academic, cultural, and personal enrichment so that every child's light will shine.
The Shining light Foundation is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization governed by a board of directors.
Carolyn French
Cynthia Dauphin
Vice President
Mildred Baker
Bruce Snow
Perry Scatola
Lana Swanwick
Board of Directors
John Broussard
Joseph Cilano
Tanya Cormier
Kerry Douglas
Julie Eaton
Cheryl Evans
Dr. Don Ennis
Mike Huber
Michelle Izzo-Voss
Hayley LeJeune
Sandra Wilcox

Advisory Members
Dr. Ron Hardey
Debbey Ryan
Ted Hoyt
Shauna LeBlanc
Tony Moore
Maria Placer
Misty Carrier
Dee Stanley
Cynthia Comeaux
Rachel Taylor

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