Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of Lafayette, La
We are a Welcoming Congregation

Lady in Red
Fundraise for The Teche Project

The Teche Project is a non-profit organization of people volunteering their time and resources to care for the Teche Bayou. They have worked to develop a 130 mile paddle trail for canoes and kayaks to enjoy a part of the exquisite Atchafalaya Basin. It is Louisiana's only designated National Water Trail. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lafayette has "adopted" the Teche Project, as our chosen charity to support to improve our greater community. Board of Directors memebers Arlene and Jeff Case have created the "Lady in Red" Concert CD of joyful love songs and original music. They are donating proceeds from the sale of this CD to the Teche Project. Do yourself and the Teche Project a favor and buy one of these CDs. Turn off the radio and enjoy this music on your drive home from work. Know that you are contributing to the quality of your community, too.

Updated 8/29/2017